Another Crazy Synthol Freak


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What causes a guy to inject Synthol? Insecurity? Body dysmorphia? Do they actually think it looks good? Do they think people can’t tell? The dude in the video on page 2 took it much, much too far (Protip: Any is too far.)  He’s basically got a pair of big, round tits on his chest now and big, swollen, useless arms.

What would happen if this “bodybuilder” stepped in the cage with a fighter…? Realistically, he would probably pop like a balloon.


The inventor of Synthol has said in interviews that roughly 98% of professional bodybuilders use it. That’s probably not too far from the amount of pro mma fighters on PEDs, so it would be a fair fight.

See the latest Synthol freak in action in this weird video…

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