Watch These Awkward Rich Kids Get Into a Brawl At The Country Club


These alcohol filled rich kids put on a good show, a spectacle of some of the most awkward fighting you’ll ever see. This all took place at the Kentucky Oaks, this event was at Churchill Downs one day before the Derby. I have a funny feeling, these kids will remember this years event..

Watching these kids in their fine Italian leather shoes slipping all over the grass as they try very hard to look tough is unmissable viewing. One guy had his blazer completely ripped up the back, but, I like his attention to detail, he still has his button done up at the front. Well, one has to look smart when one is in a fisticuff!

Alcohol and kids.. Tut tut tut

Alcohol and kids.. Tut tut tut

One guy swings the biggest ‘windmill’ punch that missed its target sending him off balance to the floor, before he could recover from this potential most embarrassing moment of his young life, he is knocked out cold and spent the next few minutes dreaming what it would of been like if he stayed at home this particular afternoon, then he spent the next few minutes looking for his teeth.

Fight Club for posh kids..

Fight Club for posh kids..

If there was a ‘Fight Club,’ which there isn’t, (ssshhhh!) – these guys wouldn’t even be fit to bring the drinks let alone be aloud to fight. After all, the aim of fighting is to… well, fight. Not slip, slide and practically knock yourself out.

'Everybody-was-Kung-Fu-fighting, tho's boys were fast as lightning..'

‘Everybody-was-Kung-Fu-fighting, tho’s boys were fast as lightning..’

That was some serious kick to the head though, when that guy missed his massive haymaker and ended up on the floor, the guy who kicked him looked like he was kicking a field goal from the back of the field. He put everything into that.

Well, we won’t be seeing any of these ‘children of the future’ in the UFC or even Bellator anytime soon that’s for sure. But, I can’t wait for next year! REMATCH!

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