Watch This Steroid Freak Fight a Rapper With Tattoo’d Eyeballs


Here’s something you don’t see every day.

In one corner, we’ve got a rapper with tattoos on his eyeballs. In the other corner, we’ve got a guy who could single-handedly break USADA’s drug testing lab machines. We’re not here to hurt baseless steroid accusations against innocent people, but let’s be real… this promotion obviously doesn’t have the strictest drug testing. As long as everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into, grownups can make their own decisions. I, for one, would never make the decision to get inside the cage with this beast of a man, but if you’re a rapper with tattoo’d eyes, good decisions aren’t necessarily your calling card.

These guys are both pushing 40 with 6 total fights between them, because KSW is giving zero f’ks. 

Popek Monster, the rapper guy, has twice as many fights as his opponent, but less muscle. Burneika, on the other hand, looks like a living advertisement for Photoshop but he’s a real person. We won’t spoil the results here, since by now you’re probabally very invested in the results of this fight and can’t wait to see how it plays out, so we won’t take that away from you. Check out the full fight below:

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