Watch Savage Holly Holm KO Opponent While Being Taunted


Holly Holm really needed a win this morning, and a win is exactly what she got after biding her time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“The game plan was not to rush anything,” Holm said to MMAjunkie. “We knew the crowd might boo; it’s the type of game plan the crowd might boo.”

After dropping 3 fights in a row since her epic victory over Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm has once again found her mojo as she dropped Bethe with a headkick that the commentator immediately referred to as “The Ronda Rousey Headkick.” Not because it’s a move Holm learned from Rousey, obviously, but because it’s the kick that essentially started the beginning of the end for Ronda.

Leading up to the head kick that dropped Bethe, following by a punch and a referee stoppage, Bethe was starting to taunt and telling Holly to “Come get some”, and Holly was happy to oblige. You can tell Holm was super focused for this fight, just in pure do-or-die killer mode, she looks so intense in the moments after winning the fight. Now it’s Bethe that’s in dire straits. After starting her career at 9-0, she’s only won one of her five fights since facing Ronda Rousey (With a draw thrown into the mix as well.)

Both fighters were fighting quite cautiously throughout the fight, but once Holly found her moment she seized it and you can’t blame either of them for not being more reckless. For that matter, look what happened to Bethe once she started taunting:

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