[WATCH] Johnson vs Gaethje: Strong Candidate for Fight of the Year


WOW, what a wild fight.

Tonight’s TUF finale featured Michael Johnson against UFC newcomer Justin Gaethje, and what a way to say “Welcome to the big show.”

Gaethje is the type of fighter who likes to get into a brawl, he’ll get hit in order to give shots. The plan was to get in there and make this fight a brawl, and Johnson seemed happy to oblige, even if it wasn’t necessarily in his best interest or necessarily his game plan, game plans go out the window quickly.

It’s always interesting when a champ from outside of the UFC makes their way over, it’s our best chance to see how champs from other divisions fare in the UFC, as opposed to UFC fighters who get cut or reach later stages in their career. Top guys in the UFC vs top guys formerly from other promotions, and in this case Justin took the W.

It was an insane fight, tons of heart from both guys. Some people were criticizing Johnson for “giving up” at the end, but that’s ridiculous, he gave it everything he had and it just wasn’t enough to put away Gaethje, who just had a little bit more to give. Anyone who is knocking Michael Johnson for his performance is insane, both guys left it all in the cage. There were moments where it could have gone either way, and ultimately Gaethje took the win and cut a great promo.

Check out the finish:

But really, do yourself a favor and watch the whole fight.

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