Steven Seagal Is Banned From The Ukraine For This Reason


Seagal is banned from entering the Ukraine for 5 years because they said he is guilty of “committed socially dangerous actions … that contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine’s security”. The ban was confirmed by Ukraine officials for the aforementioned reason.

That’s right, Seagal was banned from the UK as a risk to their security. You just KNOW he felt like a badass when he found out.

You could see that happening in one of his movies, right, but in real life? What type of a threat to washed up action stars really play against the Government of the Ukraine?

Well, it probabally has something to do with the fact that Steven Seagal and Putin basically have a huge man-crush on each other. When Russia invaded Crimea, Seagal was quoted as calling it “very reasonable.”

Him and Putin consider each other brothers, and Russia hasn’t exactly been very cool to the Ukraine, so it’s understable why the Ukraine might say “Hey buddy, you’re not really welcome here.. so uhh… move along?”

But they’re probabally mostly worried about him carrying out some crazy real-life action hero spy shenanigans.

Just in case you’re not aware, Seagal is kind of… uhh.. an interesting guy. Check out this article for a rundown.

Putin even gave Seagal an official Russian citizenship. He’s all in!

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