Ronda Rousey Discusses Her Future As a Professional Boxer


Here’s a clip prior to UFC 193, in which Ronda Rousey discussed her

“I’ve really fallen in love with boxing in the process of doing MMA. I’ve stopped doing Judo at all. I haven’t put a gi on and done any judo since I started doing MMA, I do boxing almost all the time. It would be impossible to spend so much time on something and not fall in love with it. I want to be involved in the sport [of boxing]… It’s very difficult right now, but we’ll see what I can do.” – Ronda Rousey


What’s that old saying about remembering what got you to the dance in the first place? It was Ronda’s Judo that allowed her to walk through every single opponent in her MMA career, until she started getting overconfident in her striking and putting herself in dangerous positions. For a few fights, it worked out and she continued to knock people out and finish them, however against elite women’s MMA strikers that’s a tougher proposition. By spending all of her time working on boxing, and completely ignoring judo, she’s forgetting what got her there in the first place.

Everyone who is piling on a tough loss with hatred and venom towards Ronda needs to just hold off for a minute and remember she’s still a human being who has gone through devastating disappointments in her last two bouts. Even if you absolutely hate everything about her, have some humanity about it.

Ronda Rousey Defeated

And in that time, the rest of the division is only getting stronger and evolving, while their former champ has remained relatively stagnant. There has already been plenty of criticism about Ronda’s gym and her coach, even Ronda’s own mother has blogged about it and publicly gone after Ronda’s coach.

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