Referee Reveals What Should Happen With Fighters Poop Themselves


With all the discussion of poop after the last UFC event, legendary ref Big John revealed how a situation like that should be handled in the future.

This is far from the first time a fighter let it slip during a match, here are plenty of other examples. If you’re into that sort of thing. The most famous example was probabally Yoel Romero, except there’s still some debate whether that was poop or just sweat. Anyways, the most recent one was way worse because it actually got on the canvas and eventually had people rolling around in it. The ref stepped in it. It was a shitty nightmare.

But what’s the actual procedure if the ref notices? This time, it seems like maybe he didn’t, because he stepped right in the shit, unless he’s just that much of a pro that he won’t let a little poopoo get in his way.

Somebody on Twitter asked Big John about the rules and how this type of shitutation should be handled, and here’s his answer:

It makes sense. It’s too bad for the person who evacuates their bowels, to get a loss becasue of it, but why should the opponent have to fight someone and get covered in their dung? Not to mention, you KNOW there’s always that one guy who would use it as a strategy.

Now, we’re sure there are plenty more examples of fighters who have a little accident during a fight, except it’s not enough to leak out of their shorts. I don’t know why I’m mentioning this.

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