Prisioner Attacks Guard, Other Inmates Come To His Protection In Leaked Security Footage


Here’s an interesting one. If you keep an eye on the corner of the video, you can see an inmate attack a guard. Other inmates immediately come to the assistance of the guard, which isn’t necessarily what you’d expect but definitely a good thing to see. Most people locked up just want to make it through the day without any BS, and when people start attacking guards it adds extra BS into everyone else’s day.

Lockdowns, more severe security, less freedoms for inmates… nobody wants that, so this guy attacking the guard is quickly taken care of.

When things like this escalate, it can have a negative impact on everyone, not just the prisoners involved. What could have been an all our prison brawl ended up only lasting a couple of seconds instead. They could have easily attacked the guard when they were surrounding him, but then there would have been a lockdown and they’d all get in loads of trouble.

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