McGregor vs Mayweather Fight Confirmed for August 26th in Las Vegas


Okay, who didn’t see this one coming? It sounded like insanity at first, but the fact that both camps kept this one in the media for so long should have been all the proof you needed that it was going to actually happen.

49-0 undefeated Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight none other than 2x UFC champion Conor McGregor.

One thing’s for sure, the lead up to this fight is going to be a carnival show of hilarity.

Let’s make it clear: Conor has a VERY little chance of winning.. but IF he pulls it off, this becomes hands-down the greatest sports moment in history. What even comes close?

There’s really no argument you can make for Conor winning other than the fact that he’s Conor f$%#ing McGregor and he just has a weird way of pulling off these sorts of things. Even simply going the distance would be a HUGE win for Conor, since realistically speaking, in a boxing match, one of the GOATs should have no problem  tearing through him… but there’s always that puncher’s chance, and Conor hits hard.

However, Floyd is one of the hardest guys to hit, but he still does get tagged… mind you, he gets tagged by world-classs BOXERS, so we’ll see how Conor’s hands look when there’s no threat of a take down or a kick or an elbow or any of the other distinctions between MMA and Boxing.

It’s weird that this is happening, but if Conor even looks HALF like he belongs in there, this is huge for him and for boxing. Nobody expects him to win, but if he does somehow pull off the upset, and it would be perhaps the biggest upset in sports history if Conor gets a win over a top boxer, then it’s hard to argue Conor isn’t right up there in the discussion of GOAT.

What a crazy ass-backwards world we’re living in, hey?

And, because you need to give this disclaimer anytime you talk about this or people get salty, if  this was an MMA fight – obviously Conor would absolutely wipe the floor with Floyd Mayweather, no questions asked, it wouldn’t even be remotely competitive. But since this is a boxing match, we have to give Floyd that same courtesy.

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