Leaked Video Shows Fedor Sparring HARD With His Brother On Cement Basketball Court


Check out this crazy video, they’re not pulling their punches on eachother. Fedor and his convict brother Alexander Emelianenko are going at it on the ball court. A comment on YouTube said “This is how Russians play basketball…”

Fedor is going to be fighting again soon, in the cage, not on a basketball court… maybe both if his brother is in town… anyways, he’s going to be fighting Matt Mitrione after their first bout was cancelled at the very last minute. Bellator is taking another swing at a PPV, and this time they’ve got Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva headlining it, it’s going to run ya $50. If you’d like the UFC to have some legitimate competition in order for fighter salaries to rise and start attracting more athletes to the sport, then supporting Bellator is your best bet. They’re already scooping up UFC’s free agents with offers that the UFC won’t match, but if nobody watches then they won’t be able to do that anymore.

We’ll support Bellator with more coverage of their events, if you as a fan are interested in more Bellator coverage it’s really simple – read more articles about Bellator. Bellator is putting up the cash for fighters, we’ll cover it, and if you’re interested in seeing the UFC get some more competition all you’ve got to do is pay attention to them.

The downside if is there are two promotions splitting all the top fighters, we may not see the best fighting against the very best as often, mind you several weight classes in the UFC are already on pause while the champions fight people that aren’t top contenders, so would it really be that much different? Maybe we’d see even more fights with top guys and gals against other top guys and gals, as the rest of the now-thinner divisions would have to raise to the challenge.

There’s a lot we can speculate on, but this is a post about Fedor and his brother going at it, so enjoy. And if you’re up for it, let us know your thoughts about Bellator’s upcoming PPV, will you be ordering? Do you want to see more coverage of Bellator events?

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