Khabib’s Dad Confirmed Son’s Next Fight WILL NOT Be Against Conor in Russia


There were some rumors going around that Khabib was going to finally be getting his long-overdue title shot, against Conor McGregor, in Russia. Khabib has been desperately trying to find anybody to fight him, despite being number 1 contender for a long ¬†time (And Tony Ferguson creeping up and earning a title shot as well), Khabib isn’t one of the guys who is just going to wait on the sidelines. The thing is, he’s been having an impossible time trying to find somebody to fight…

Khabib went as far as to offer $200,000 to Tony Ferguson to fight him. Khabib’s logic is that once he beats Tony, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for the UFC to not give him a title shot. That offer took place about a week ago, and Tony said basically that it should be the UFC paying him. Khabib knows that McGregor fight is big money, and Khabib knows he’s a DANGEROUS opponent for Conor. Once Khabib gets you down, it’s game-over, at least for the round.

But it sounds like the MASSIVE Conor McGregor vs Khabib fight in Russia isn’t happening, at least not yet…


Khabib’s dad is his closest adviser, and said said in a recent comment that Ferguson will be the next opponent to take on The Eagle. His dad has a history of leaking information that he isn’t supposed to reveal yet, but he also has a history of being correct. So take that as you will.

It’s a shame one of these fighters with 8 and 9 fight win streaks are going to get knocked off, but Khabib is getting his wish because he’s been relentlessly trying to get a fight with Tony for ages. It’s admirable to see him calling out another top contender instead of trying to get a fight with the champ immediately. Khabib believes the Ferguson fight is very winnable for him, and then he’ll be the undeniable next up for the belt.

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