Joe Rogan Wants Someone To Start A New Fight Promotion In Mexico Or Indian Reservations With Almost No Rules And To Name It After Him


Rogan said someone can use his name, too, and call it the Rogan Fighting Championships.

He wants these fights to take place outside of a cage, inside of a basketball court or some other huge area.

There wouldn’t be a fence in the way, and fans would have a much easier time seeing the action.

If you skip to around the 3 hours and 50 minute mark on his recent fight companion podcast, he goes into detail about plans for a promotion that would take place on a huge fighting area, and basically allow anything as far as rules go.

  • Stops to the head? Yes.
  • Knees to the head? Yes.
  • Soccer kicks? Yes.
  • No gloves? Yes.

“If some crazy millionaire wanted to finance it…?”

“I’d say good luck dude, you can use my name.”

He quickly back peddles, joking that he’d sue them, then says he wouldn’t, but still suggests finding a new name.

Basically Joe wants to see a new fight promotion that has rules that are more like Pride rules, a lot more savage than current UFC.

Would you watch Rogan Fighting Championship?

Here’s the video from his recent fight companion episode with Ian McCall and Eddie Bravo where they go into detail about the plans for this new promotion, just skip to around 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Just for the record, we’re on board with this. Any eccentric billionaires out there want to make this happen?

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