13 Times Dana White Betrayed His Fighters and Threw Them Under The Bus


2. Jon Jones

UFC 151 was the first card to be cancelled when 8 days before the event, Dan Henderson pulled out of his fight against Jon Jones due to an injury, and immediately Chael Sonnen offered to take his place.

When Jones refused the fight, he said it was because of the last-minute opponent change and he hadn’t trained for Sonnen and it was too high of stakes to put his belt on the line. Also, it was alleged that Sonnen knew about the opponent change long before, and that Henderson had been injured for a while but they hadn’t told anyone, in order to give Sonnen more time to prepare and for Jones to continue preparing for Henderson. That might or might not be true, but no matter what, Dana definitely tossed Jon under the bus on this one:

“This is one of the most selfish, disgusting decisions that doesn’t just affect you”

“UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered.”

Jon Jones is a guy a lot of fans don’t like, and I don’t think this is going to make him any more popular. Lorenzo Fertitta and I are disgusted with Jon Jones and Greg Jackson.

“I don’t know why a guy who is a world champion and considered by many the pound for pound best wouldn’t fight anybody. It’s baffling to me. I’ve never seen it by anyone else.” – Dana White

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