Meet The World Champion Powerlifter Who Just Became A Monstrous Transgendered Woman


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Matt Kroczaleski was an absolute beast of a man, but sometimes you’ve got to follow your heart and put those gains to rest. 

Matt is a former marine who served from 1991-1995, and served Presidential Security duty for Clinton.


When you’re Bruce Jenner and you come out as transgendered, it leads to TV specials, book deals, and a continued grasp on the spotlight for your attention-hungry family. Still, good for Caitlin, but she also stood to gain a ton from this.


Powerlifters eat track and field stars for breakfast, but the sport is on a smaller stage. To come out as transgendered when you aren’t a multi-multi-millionaire Olympian whose family has a money-making machine in place that turns any attention into cash is a whole different story.


In November 2014, Matt Kroc announced a return to competitive powerlifting. Less than a year later, there was another announcement…

Enter Janae Marie Kroc. 

A recent Facebook post by Matt Kroczaleski clears the air after rumors had been circling that he had transitioned to womanhood and assumed the name Janae Marie Kroc. She had been open with her family for a long time, but was waiting for her sons to graduate from high school before going public but circumstances forced her hand early.

Plenty of before/after pictures coming up.

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