What is next for Junior Dos Santos after defeating Derrick Lewis?


Junior Santos and Derick Lewis had their chances last night to win the victory. But it was the Brazilian who finally came out triumphant. He started winning when he kicked his opponent in the stomach. The American was able to recover a little in the rest after the first round. But in the second fell, thanks also to a magnificent right of his rival.

Now, what’s next for the ex-champ? In the results itself we mention that it goes back to for the title. But will it be the next challenger? Most likely not. Right now that position seems to be disputed between Brock Lesnar and Stipe Miocic. Although with a three-win streak, Dos Santos is in the equation. So what can be your next bout in UFC?

It will all depend on who is placed as rival of the champion Daniel Comier. If this looks the faces with Lesnar, it could make a third fight Miocic vs. Two saints. If it is finally Miocic who has a holding opportunity, the Brazilian can wait for his or face the faces against Francis Ngannou. You should not overlook that this is also in the equation again.

As for the opinion of the two Saints himself, he precisely challenged Ngannou after his victory. This answered:

Waiting to see what happens, it is time to celebrate victory.


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