Satan’s Son Gets Knock Out (Video)


You are Fu#king with the Wrong One.

These guys get into a typical argument of who is going to be the victorious. Same kind of stuff we see when fighters trash talk each other at press conferences.

You can hear the “Thunder” in guy wearing the white shirt punch.

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As always these kinds of arguments can’t be resolved by who has the biggest mouth or can yell the loudest. It all comes down to the bout. Even though this fight was not in an octagon or ring it came down to the same result. These two must fight to determine who is better. So, with any further delay see the video below and watch how this fight ended. It reminded us of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao where there was so much hype…

It was like a bomb exploded in so-called ‘Satan’s son’ face. This guy can pack a serious punch; his hook was clean and full on strength and caught his opponent clean on the cheek and chin.

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