WATCH: Moron Boxes Ferocious Bear In 1930s New York


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To this day, people still fight¬†bears but it’s a lot less popular than it used to be. A famous UFC fighter made headlines when videos surfaced of him wrestling bears as a child.

khabib-fighting-bear-400x240Wrestling a bear is one thing, but full-on boxing them is another altogether. Bears are natural wrestlers and it’s a form of play. Boxing? Not so much.


Back in the 1930’s, Bear Boxing was a lot more common. Even as recently as 1995, a bar in Ohio was busted for having drunk college kids fight a bear.

We're rooting for the bears.

We’re rooting for the bears.

It’s definitely animal abuse, and it’s definitely wrong, but you’re still probably really curious to see the video and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s human nature. We’ve got an old-timey black and white video of a man boxing a bear on the next page. Who ya got???

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