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Man Steps In Ring And Pays To Fight Buakaw (Video)

Muay Thai

That’s exactly what this wealthy Chinese guy did.  As some might expect that because the rich he goes on an expensive and lavish vacation or buy some really expensive sports cars or buy a huge mansion. What we know is that he paid Buakaw Banchamek to join the ring and fight. Yeah, you read it correctly. He paid one of the most deadly fighters to fight him. Well, we must commend him for his bravery or just pure stupidity.

We can only imagine the amount of money that Buakaw was paid to do this because Buakaw being a professional in Muay Thai. I would assume it was Buakaw was convinced that the Chinese guy was joking when he was first told about this offer.

Check out the video Below.

Must admit that maybe if I had as much disposable income as this man I might be tempted to put the best Muay Thai card ever. That would be a putting  Buakaw fight Yodsanklai. This sounds like a much better plan than getting hit by Buakaw. I think most people will settle for some training with Buakaw, but not the guy. He had to go another step, but I bet he would never forget that experience.

Now the crazy part is that most people will be getting some kind of training. You know you won’t win, but at least try to look remarkably in the ring. Apparently, this person could not care less, it seems as if he did not put his foot in the gym. Buakaw apparently not trying to kill this guy when he was throwing his strike. I wonder how nervous it was that the Earth actually had a solid shot on it and hurt it? The ultimately as expected Buakaw scores a knockout but, the way the guy goes is very funny and unexpected.

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