Watch Man Leg Sweeps His Girlfriend, Then He Is Knocked Out (Video)


In fighting, size matters especially in professional fighting. In the featured video, this man is bigger in weight and size compared to this girlfriend and should be able to take her easily. We consider that a man should never use his physical size in a manner that is physically or emotionally abusive. However, these two love birds get into an argument after night out. This is a typical situation after a night at the movies, however, things get heated pretty quickly and start to go downhill from there. (See Video Below)

From a young age, most guys are thought not to hit a woman. But this guy we don’t know if he was thought that principle or not even if he was it did not seem to matter on this night between the two love birds. In this video, you can see the woman slap this dude in his face before he legs sweep her.

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She falls stumbles but not too shaken and come at him again where he legs sweep her with more strength and knocks her to the floor. Then he is suddenly knocked out by one of the onlookers with what seems like a punch or helmet.
Watch the perfect leg sweep technique, a very nice combination from Somraknoi

Domestic violence should never be encouraged whether the victim is female or male for that matter. This video shows the woman is the first aggressor slapping the man in his face first. However, that does not make his reaction to the situation correct. See video with professional perform leg kick on next page

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