Watch Idris Elba Win By KO In His Professional Kickboxing Debut


Idris Elba maybe be a big time Hollywood actor that does not mean he is afraid to leave the from in front of the camera to step inside of the ring and throw a some punches and kicks. 

He has recently released a three part series on The Discovery Channel titled “Idris Elba: Fighter“.  The series showcase Idris Elba as he prepares for his kickboxing debut. Even his coach Kieran Keddle expresses his concern, but Elba stays composed and starts to fire back. Now the video by Discovery makes the action look way better than it does in real time because they slow some things down and we all know that everything looks better in slow motion.

There is video on YouTube of a portion of the fight in real time and they aren’t fighting at blazing speed, but they are working hard and throwing some hard shots at each other. Eventually in one of their exchanges Elba is able to put Graves down with a knee to the body. Even more surprising is how much of a savage Elba is. As Graves is on his way down he tried to punch him one last time. You have to love that fight until the end attitude.

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