Watch Holly Holm Get Brutally KO’d In One Of The Worst Stoppages


This is rough to see, a flashback to Holly’s boxing days. Holly Holm is incredibly tough and has tons of heart, but what was this ref thinking? She was out on her feet after the second punch that lands in this clip, and he lets her eat a bunch more, but still waits to stop the fight until even more damage has been done.

When you’re in the heat of battle, you don’t always realize what’s going on, especailly after eating some tough shots, and that’s why fighters count on the referees to protect them.

Now, there have been some crazy comebacks in MMA and boxing, but if this was MMA it would have been over before the second flurry sent Holly into the shadow realm.

When you’ve got to drag the fighter out of the ropes because they’re tangled up and barely conscious, maybe it’s time to end the fight?

Her opponent was Anne Sophie Mathis, who won a title in this fight. Maybe the ref wanted to give the champion a little extra chance to get back in it, but c’mon, let’s be real… The fight was over long before it ended.

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