WATCH: Here’s All Of Conor McGregor’s BEST Punches on Floyd Mayweather


Someone put together a highlight video of Conor McGregor’s best moments in the fight. Obviously, it played out a lot differently in the context of the fight, but it’s still cool to see Conor landing some shots on Floyd, isn’t it? Conor deserves all the credit in the world for ending up inside the boxing ring, he made it happen, regardless of how it played out, the guy pulled it off and was a winner just for being inside there with Floyd Mayweather.

But at the end of the day, Floyd did what Floyd does best, and he put on a masterclass that didn’t even require him to go into his usual defensive style that we’re used to seeing.

Also, huge props to the referee who showed millions why he’s a legend. It’s likely that Conor was hoping to catch a few moments of rest when he would angle his way to Floyd’s back, but the ref kept the pace moving and just let the fighters fight. Also, maybe Conor could have gone longer on pure heart, but at that point, the ref definitely saved him some chin for a later fight. Conor’s main thing is MMA, and we can only imagine if Conor was looking like that in an MMA fight, an MMA ref that knows him may have given him a little more time – but the fight clearly wasn’t competitive at that point, and the ref did a good job of saving Conor some extra damage. All around, it was a great night, a great send-off for Floyd, and Conor ends up looking like a badass no matter how you slice it.

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