Watch: Fighter Get Brutal Knock Out and Broken Nose (Video)


This fighter will have to undergo corrective surgery to repair his nose after a brutal knock out with a knee kick that sent him to the floor. The contestants has just begin to fight when this face latering blow happened.

The winner’s strong strength not only succeeded in breaking his nose but also managed to remove the cartilage to the extent that his nose appeared to take the form of an S shape. We must say that it must hurt, a great deal but this fighter shows endurance. See video below:

Take a look at the refree’s face it clear he has never seen anything like that before in the ring. He was left with no choice but to stop the fight after this fighter nose “went missing” as so to speak. That knee not only broke the nose but also destroyed the cartilage.

I noticed that some were wondering whether this move was legal or not and if the fighter who broke the nose had already won the match. To put it short and sweet, I’ve already won the game.

According to the official fighting rules, if the opponent is unable to continue fighting because of the injury, this is a technical knockout. As the name implies, the technical knockout means that if the injured fighter cannot continue, he loses the battle.

The fighter with a broken nose had to take more than a year before entering the ring again. He had a good comeback winning his last fight after the gruesome injury. MMA is a wonderful combat sport however it must be said that it is not for the faint hearted.

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