Watch Cop Gets Knocked Out Cold By An Alligator (Video)


We are accustom to seeing a knockout by people whether that be in MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, you name it but this knockout happened not with man vs man but man vs. animal and it seems more spectacular that than the former.

The video shows a large male alligator being handled by cops and animal control personnel. This alligator was found on a residential property, obviously, this large animal posed a serious threat to public safety and had to be removed everything seem to be going well. When this happened while loading up this beast he lunges forward at the man even though his eyes are covered and knocks out a cop with a head butt.

The gator is so powerful that the head butt does not only stunned one of the troopers from animal control but it Knocks him out cold. You can see the police backup radioing for an ambulance after they can’t seem to wake him up. This incident happened in Ocoee, Florida, did not want to be captured and fought back.

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