Watch Chuck Liddell Kick Take Down A U.S. Soldier With A Spinning Back Kick


See Video Below: Former UFC heavyweights champion Chuck Liddell recently visited Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as part of a UFC promotional campaign. Known as the Iceman, Ryde is the UFC’s light heavyweight division’s king, when the promotion began to take off. Chuck Liddell is known for knocking down his weak Mohawk and his blow. He defended his four successful titles before his father caught up with him. He own wins against UFC celebrities such as Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, and Vitor Belfort.

It is always a fan favorite not only for his high knockout power, but for his interaction with the fans, Liddell is not a disappointment. It is not surprising that the Iceman had to do this when a U.S. soldier asked him to kick him.

The soldier was wearing a vest, but that did not stop Liddell kick from landing right in the middle of his chest. The soldier clearly fell back with the force of the impact, and Liddell looked sharp. Especially given that he did not know throwing spin attacks in his career and had retired for years.

Check out the video below

You can hear the clattering kick and the sound of the kick, and I’ll bet that a smaller one will fall to the ground, but the soldier stays upright. I promise this soldier will never forget the day he meets Chuck Lid Now, this is a story told there.

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