Video: Young MMA Amateur fighter Dies After Fight


MMA is a tremendously dangerous sport. Every fighter who enters the cage to compete is putting their life at risk. Obviously, they try to prevent this kind of thing from happening as much as possible but we are talking about men and women beating each other. That’s why some people are so angry with those who test positive for doping. Because they are really putting their opponent lives in greater danger when they dope and then fight someone else.

There are many deaths that fans of mixed martial arts have had to mourn and unfortunately, another one has just been added. Young Brazilian amateur fighter Mateus Fernandes died hours after his last bout. He competed in Remulus Fight against Obed Pereira. This won by TKO, giving the last blow when his opponent was on the ground before the referee stopped him. But it seems that the blows were not the cause. Click here to watch video of fighter’s death on next page

Fernandes was part of a social project that seeks to rehabilitate people from drugs through MMA. The coordinator of this project, Vanderluce Cantuarias, wife of trainer Valmir Dieb, told MMA Fighting that the coroner’s report showed that Fernandes’ death was caused by an alleged overdose, not by the damage suffered in the fight.

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