VIDEO: Son Destroys and KO Man For Beating His Mother


Every son and daughter for that matter holds a special place in their hearts for their mom, some to a differing degree but one thing is for sure guys don’t like when a man put his hands on their mothers. Well in the video below apparently this lady had met a new guy and things seem to be going good at first. However, after several arguments, things get heated.

Well her new boyfriend decides to hit her in the face and slap her about and leaves. The news gets to her son that his new stepfather has been hitting his mother. It does not take long for the Son to find him at his house and literally drags his outside for a savage beat down.

This guy is a total coward he was beating on this man mother apparently he felt like a king however when the son arrives to give him instant karma you can see him holding on to the rails of the house before he tries to make a run for it before crashing into a parked car.

It was at this moment that the Son really caught up with him and put a well-deserved beating on this loser. Domestic abuse is a serious office and should not be tolerated. We are not suggesting to deal with matters the way this son did. The first option is always to report these matters to the police or your local authorities for help.

However, it is understandable that the son did not feel satisfied doing just that he wanted to teach this loser a lesson you can hear him in the video saying “momma asked for help to” before repeatedly punching the man until he is unconscious.

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