VIDEO: Sage Northcutt Gets Destroyed by a ONE-Punch KO


One Championship is doing well having some big names on their roster such as Eddie Alvarez who had fought against Timofey Nastyukhin he superstar Sage Northcutt who got demolished by Cosmo Alexandre. These UFC movers that have now gone into One Championship has had to endure the burn of their decision. So far out of these fighters that have transitioned to One

Championship and has won a fight is Demetrious Johnson. Sage Northcutt was once an up and coming UFC star with his chilled body and relatively handsome look however he proved not as good as a fighter as the UFC had expected with 6 wins and 2 losses to his name. Northcutt decided to go at on his own and signed up for the One Championship. However, in his debut fight under the championship, he was knocked out in round one.  Watch the brutal knock out Northcutt suffered below at the hands of Cosmo Alexandre

Knock Out in 29 Seconds

For anyone who knows Cosmo Alexandre, it should not come as no surprise that Northcutt was demolished. What is amazing was how soon he was destroyed.

The Brazilian Alexandre has been fighting since he was 18 and at 37-year-old has amassed an 8 -1 record in MMA this was not going to an easy walk over for Northcutt as many had thought. It was literally two strikes and you are out, Sage barely was able to make a kick that barely connected.

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