Video: Robber screams his head off as female MMA fighter puts him in a choke hold


The man was already tapping out, his arm about to snap off the shoulder, crying as he tries to get out of a choke. From what we understand this lady’s legs are strong and her technique is so good. That the robber in the video is “begging for the police to show up before his neck breaks.”

In the video, he heard begging her not to break his neck and screaming for the police to arrive he is in total submission mode

This is why you don’t mess with MMA fighters they’ll put you in a submission. He should consider himself lucky, some guys pay a lot of money for this ‘privilege’. But seriously this thief got what he deserved, fortunately, he was not killed but from the video, you can see the pain he is in as his face and eyes turn bloodshot red. See Video on Next Page

The woman seems so relax while she submits him to this brutal chokehold that she just starts to laughs at times. This is one lesson why it is good to learn MMA fighting at a basic level even if it is to defend yourself in times like these. 

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