Video: Real life street fight tall vs short


These two guy got into a real life street fight. From watching this bout between these two guys we had to give the fight to the short guy he defended well and then went on the offensive against his taller rival. It really not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight within the dog. Check out the video below and you decide.

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This is fight was funny. However they smaller guy showed some skill and even landed a few punches on his taller opponent. We have seen sometimes even in professional fighting there is a height difference but nothing quite like this. The lesson learnt here is that fighting is not about weight and height it about skill and technique. Practicing MMA is not just a step forward in becoming a fighter or a professional fighter. It is not just a step forward being in the UFC and be a star. Many simply practice this sport to know how to defend themselves.

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