VIDEO: One Inmate Fights fifteen Officers in Bare Knuckle Fight


Regardless of the type of work you do whether you are an MMA fighter, doctor or office work, you name it all jobs carry an inherent risk. For example, we see MMA fighter suffer horrific injuries in the octagon and they recoup and come back to fight again. It just the nature of work however, some occupations carry a higher risk than others.

As we see here in the video is a state correctional officer can be just as high risk as an MMA fighter (we are sure Conor McGregor might disagree) or at times even riskier. We truly must respect the guys and girls who risk their lives every day to keep up safe.

Everyone wants to be free and will do almost anything to attain their freedom. In the featured video you see this male inmate, he has a good size we guess he could be in the heavy weight division with a bit of toning going on. However, he targets one particular correction offers to release his fury one. He lunches and launches an onslaught of punches and kicks at the officer whose colleagues quickly come to this aid.

This beast of a man is pepper sprayed several times but he is not going down he relents briefly then launches his attack again this time even more officers arrive to try to wrestle this unrelenting inmate to the ground. It clear that whatever agitated him to start this brawl he feels passionate about.

He does some lose MMA moves too in the process but you can clearly see he is not a trained in MMA fighting but puts down a few good punches. However, we must commend again the brave officers who tackled this beast of a man to the ground and restrain him. Some of these officers are supposed to be trained in MMA and other combat arts fighting and defense but it clear the inmate had these

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