Video Of Mike Tyson Throwing Hands At 52 Years-old Goes Viral


Mike Tyson is the legend of the boxing world. He showed everyone a different kind of boxer whenever he fought. Fighting in heavyweight but shorter than everyone. However, the men were still being knocked from the left, right and center. Making them tremble in their boots when they face off with him.

Tyson retired in 2005 but by no means, his form or skills had deteriorated over the 14 years he was out of the competition. Since his retirement, Mike has been happy to build his own marijuana farm. “Tyson”, many other famous stars have visited his farm.

Including Connor McGregor, who tried the Tysons strain of herbs with him. Tyson spent some time in the “The Joe Rogan Experience” where he talked about his life, his work now, and smoked a pot with Joe Rogan. It was an unexpected episode you didn’t disappoint.

Here’s the video, enjoy the latest ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson.

He still got hands on

Mike Tyson in his prime put himself through rigorous training. Start early in the morning with an insane number of exercises. Mike went on the first thirty-seven games of his career without defeat until Buster Douglas was able to make the biggest surprises in boxing history when Tyson got out.

Of course, Tyson is known for some bad as well as good. The notorious ear bite on Evander Holyfield that made him ineligible in the second game. I’ve fought against the best, Holyfield, Lennox Lewis are just a few names to add.

Tyson was like a tape of a genre where he was filmed doing a simple blend of boxing. The crazy thing about it is that you can’t figure out that it’s 52 years old and retired. A man can still expel you easily, which is scary when you think about it…

Even though he became famous he continued to be humble to those greater than him in the boxing arena. In criticized Floyd Mayweather Jr for saying that he was greater than Mohamed Ali. See video below of Tyson Response.

“He’s very delusional,” Tyson told the Undisputed Champion Network when asked of Mayweather’s statement. “Listen, if he was anywhere near that realm of great Ali, he’d be able to take his kids to school by himself. He can’t take his kids to school by himself and he’s talking about he’s great?

“Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people, greatness is being accepted by the people. He can’t take his kids alone to school by himself. He’s a little scared man, he’s a very small, scared man.”

Mike Tyson

How much money does someone need to give him a punch from Tyson now? Then how much do you take one in prime?

Mike Tyson Standing In Boxing Ring

You can clearly see the power, and the speed is still there too. Two things that separated Mike from other boxers. His punches were lightning fast, but also some of the most powerful punches people ever felt. The man was smaller than the competition and still they are cold and make them vibrate in their shoes…

If there is one thing we can take from this, it is that Mike Tyson should not be tampered with. Whatever his age. I will certainly not want to box with him regardles.

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