Video: Man Dips Hand In Urine Then Knocks Down Opponent With Piss Punch


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As MMA and combat sports fan we have seen lots of different type of knockouts and takedowns from spinning head kicks, full face knockout punches to double knockouts. These type of moves shows technique, skill and how spectacular MMA fighting can be at times.

However, in the video below this guy took spectacular and epic to the next level by combining urine into his knockdown punch. “There is nothing quite like the ol’ piss punch”

What is bizarre and funny the guy who records this action says “Oh shit” when the guy puts his hand in the urinal and catches some urine. We consider the correct response should have been “Oh piss

This brawl occurred inside of a shopping mall then made its way into the bathroom where things got a little pissy, to say the least. As you can see from the video above. In both pro and ameature fights, many times opponent try to back away or run away from a fight but backup onto the cage, or in this case, running to an area with no escape is generally considered a bad idea. As this guy on the receiving end of those punches quickly learned.

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