Video – Guy Leg Sweeps His Girlfriend and Is Knocked Out


This dude is obviously bigger than his girlfriend and easily can take her. In this video, these two love birds get into an argument after night out. Typical relationship dynamics until things get more heated. Most guys have been taught not to hit a woman but as for this guy that lesson does not seem to matter much. In the video, you can see the woman slap this dude in his face before he legs sweep her.

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She falls stumbles but not too shaken and come at him again where he legs sweep her with more strength and knocks her to the floor. Then he is suddenly knocked out by one of the onlookers with what seems like a punch or helmet.

Domestic violence should never be condoned from either a female or male. In the video,  you can see that the woman slaps the man first in his face and this provokes the situation. As with every fight the pro or armature you must make a split-second decision as to how to respond to your opponent.

Even though it is obvious that the woman was the aggressor, the man should have shown more control as it obvious he was not in any real danger from her. Self-control is a disciple and train fighter will tell you must have to focus and fight well. The woman in this video has some guts as she charges at the man first even though he is clearly bigger than her.

If you or someone you know is suffering from  domestic violence call in (US – 1-800-799-7233) (UK- 0808 2000 247) or your local helpline

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