Video: Cowboy Cerrone Guns Down Al Iaquinta in Brutal Fight


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Cerrone put on a fight that we have never seen before, former bull rider and he has made the most appearances in the UFC history. However, the brutal beating he put Al Iaquinta at UFCOttawa is one of his best performances yet

Fans waited and it was a wait well worth it, the fight was spectacular even though Al Iaquinta was defeated and bloodied he gave a good defense which added to the excitement of the fans and took the battle between these two athletes to the five-rounds mark.

The video shows how Al Iaquinta on the defensive moving in to take a shot however he is met with a brutal face kick by ‘Cowboy’ that sends him tumbling. With this win last night Cerrone should be given a title shot by year end.

Even though Cowboy took down Al Iaquinta at the end of the third wrong, Al Iaquinta bounced back to prove that he was not an easy knockout and could ride out the distance with the cowboy. This was a decision well played as Iaquinta was saved by the bell and got a few seconds to recover before the two fighters slugged at it again all the way to the fifth round.

At a disadvantage on the ballots, Iaquinta went for all or nothing in the fifth round. He fired powerful swings, but Cerrone dodged all his attacks and still walked forward connecting good punches. In the end, Cowboy exposed himself and almost came to the knockout. He combined good punches and fired a flying knee when Al fell. He still hammered the rival into the ground until the gong sounded.

Cerrone is not the only fighter. He is a warrior. At the age of 36, there is a lot of time for him that there is no challenge for a lightweight title, but he is determined to move towards that goal. Even if he does not win a title, he is Famer of a Guarantee Hall. Many times the belt really does not matter. The headline is what Cerrone wants. In a crowded division, it is likely that there is a fight away from the shoot.

He called out Conor McGregor, but Tony Ferguson might have a more likely fight. Wow, what is the massacre that will struggle. ‘Cowboy’ Michael Bisping said:

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