Video: Ben Askren Gets Demolished by Jordan Burroughs


Ben Askren has often boasted about his wrestling skills and no doubt he is good but recently when he met Jordan Burroughs, curly got owned by Burroughs.

Ben who is a former Olympian put his wrestling skills to the limits recently taking on arguably one of the greatest US wrestlers of all time. Jordan Burroughs. He currently holds an Olympic gold medal and four-time world champion. Check out the highlights below.

Afterwards, Askren who has a pretty mean body lock was in good spirits despite his defeat. Ben thought he was okay to lose to one of the best

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani he said “If I had to put words into his mouth for him, I would say he’s pissed that a punk white kid has came into the UFC and is making over double him and I’ve had no history in the UFC,”

“And so in his head that’s unjust and he doesn’t like that and that’s unfair. To that I would say, well listen there’s a reason I made my brand so valuable and there’s a reason I get paid what I do. And if you look at any type of metrics, which you have Ariel so you can verify this for me, my numbers are looking pretty damn good Jorge so suck it.

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