Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked with DropKick in His Back


Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Terminator superstar was attacked this Saturday by a crazed fan with a drop-kick at the sports and bodybuilding festival event that was held in South Africa. Schwarzenegger was there to judge and support the young athletes who were showcasing their talents.

While The Terminator took in some of the events he stopped to make a cell phone home video of himself at the event to post to his social media accounts. With this back turned in the midst of shooting the video a young man suddenly run up on him from behind and land a powerful drop kick to the Arnold Schwarzenegger back causing him to instantly stumble forward.

Help me, Help me I need a Lamborghini

The reason for the unprovoked attack is still unknown but you can hear the young man in the video as he is tackled to the ground and taken away by security he yells “Help me, Help me I need a Lamborghini” apparent in an attempt to tell Arnold Schwarzenegger who the crazed fan obviously things his rich that the Terminator should by his the sports car of his dream a Lamborghini

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Block or charge?

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Fortunately, Schwarzenegger was not seriously injured and is recovering well after that flying kick to the back. However, even though The Terminator is okay now, you can clearly see from the expression on his face that this kick did cause him some pain.

This man is obviously a coward attacking an older man from behind with a dropkick because he wants a Lamborghini and financial help See the full video of how it happened below:

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