Video: Anderson Silva’s Former Coach Savagely, Attack and Mauls Student


The former coach for Anderson Silva is in serious trouble after he insulted and beat a student. Watch the disturbing footage below…

One of the most famous victories was when Anderson Silva defeated rich ‘ Ace ‘ Franklin in 2007 when he won the UFC middleweight championship. Present in the Silva corner was Diogenes Assahida, a veteran who Silva did not train anymore, but who played an important role in preparing that fight and subsequent victory.

However, he finds himself in serious trouble right now after he is a video showing his going off on a student then started to beat him went viral The guy in the video is Ulysses Teodoro, another of his students. This vicious and stupid attack concurred on April 7, outside of Assahida’s Muay Thai school in Campina Grande do Sul, 18 miles outside of Curitiba

It is reported that Assahida was outraged by Theodore as he passed the gym wearing a T-shirt from his new combat team. As stupid as that sounds from all reports it appears this was indeed the reason for the brawl. Are you going to really beat a guy over his T-shirt? Apparently, Assahida considers himself a father figure to this young man and felt betrayed when he saw him walk by in his new training camp t-shirt and could not take and started to put a beating on the young man.

Cheap Shot Coach

In the video below you can see Diogenes Assahida approached Ulysses Teodoro and pretends he wants to have a word with him then when he least expects it, Jumps him by suddenly and savagely starts to pound him landing a couple directly in his face. What kind of coach takes a cheap shot like this.

Theodore actually lives next door to the gym in the area so it’s not like he deliberately tried to disturb the former boss. Asulquieti came into action with a seizure before finally locking in a fierce guillotine. Anderson Silva directly addressed the incident while speaking to the media.

getty images – Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya

“I think each person has its own views,” Silva told media in Brazil. “I’m from a time where you respect your coach, the coach respected the student. I never had any problem with any of my coaches, I’ve always respected them. I have (Rogerio) Camoes, master (Luiz) Dorea and master (Ricardo) De La Riva as second fathers for me because they are always helping me, always showing me the path to go to get to where I want.

“That’s an isolated fact, it’s sad because when you’re titled a master you have to give the example no matter if your student leaves the gym or not if he continues or not. He has to follow his own path. The moment you open a gym, and you pass your knowledge forward, you can’t stop this student from creating his own path. Unfortunately, each person has his own views and opinions about it. It’s an unfortunate fact.”

It seems regardless of what anyone thinks including Anderson Silva is not apologizing for the beat down of his former student. He released a video on social media after the incident and this is what he had to say:

I Have Lost My Head

Fck you! Fck you!” Assahida is heard saying in the video that is now private. “Am I wrong? Come get it. Come get it if you think I’m wrong. This guy must respect me. I have a history not only in fighting but in life. Fuck you.

I’ve lost my head, but, shit We need to go back to the samurai era, you have to honor your master, your professor. You have to honor yourself. You have to wear the same shirt forever, listen to your master and professor.”

Regardless of what he thinks He is a very complete idiot, a Brazilian MMA instructor who is too full of himself. Ettron Adoensk Jr., a lawyer, issued a statement on behalf of Theodore (as mentioned by MMA fighting):

Aitron Adonsk Junior, a lawyer, released a statement on behalf of Teodoro (as reported by MMA Fighting):

“This image damages martial arts a little bit because martial arts are about respect, humbleness and especially balance, which lacked at that moment. He’s a respected master, has a history, and I don’t know what motivated him to lose his head. I respect him, I also train martial arts, but, unfortunately, he committed a crime and will be held responsible for it.”

This guy does not seem to get it of how bad it looks to MMA fans and the public as a whole when you are seen in public beating up one of your former students.

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