Video: 2 Guys Attack An MMA Fighter With A Baseball Bat


You parents always said from the time you were young pick your fights carefully. Some take this lesson to heart and chose their battles carefully. Even MMA fighters tend to stick within their weight division when competing for any title.

Check out the video below see how all happened with this MMA fighter.

These two guys did not heed some sound advice when they decided to jump this one guy in his car. It seems these two guys were going to rob him or just being bullies.

In the video one guy gets out of his car with a baseball bat to start some shit and but he unprepared he does not seem to know that the guy knows MMA and gets knock out cold.  His buddy does not get much better.  He is placed in a choke hold until he passes out.

In the background there is a woman can be hear saying “let’s call the police on him”. Are you serious the guys tried to attack him. Thought she and her companion should have done something to help the man who was just trying to defend himself. He did a good job at that by the way. Those people maybe the type that look at a situation different and than put innocent people to jail for no reason. Those two guys got what they deserve.

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