UFC Put Conor and Ronda On Shortlist for Greatest Fighter Ever, Completely Snub Mighty Mouse


Who is the greatest fighter of all time? Jon Jones? Sure, maybe. There’s a strong case for that. Anderson Silva? Yeah, he has one of the longest title reigns in MMA history and defended his title more than anyone else in UFC history.

Demetrious Johnson? Well, here’s what the UFC thinks of that notion:


WRONG!!!! Yeah, no, Mighty Mouse isn’t even in the discussion, apparently.

That’s what it seems like, anyway, with the UFC recently publishing a poll to its website listing off a number of candidates that could qualify as “greatest UFC fighter ever”. Conspicuously absent from that list? Ol’ Mighty Mouse (oh, and Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz). Here were the options:


Yeah, that’s a pretty weak list.

If you raised an eyebrow at this…well, that’s appropriate. While there are a number of valid choices in Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Jose Aldo, the list also includes the likes of Conor McGregor (who is coming off a loss to Nate Diaz), Ronda Rousey (who is coming off a loss to Holly Holm) and Matt Hughes (who lost to Thiago Alves, BJ Penn twice, GSP twice and Josh Koscheck).

Demetrious Johnson, meanwhile, is 24-2-1 in his career, currently on a ten-fight winning streak, has notched eight consecutive title defenses, and could tie Anderson Silva’s title defense record by the end of the year.

The man on the left is apparently in the running for GOAT. The man on the right? Not so much. Photo by

The man on the left is apparently in the running for GOAT. The man on the right? Not so much. Photo by

While few would respond that Johnson is the greatest fighter in MMA history, with most MMA fans pointing to either Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko or Jon Jones, few would say that he is behind Rousey, McGregor, Hughes or even Liddell in that discussion.

Fans are finally warming up to DJ, even if only a little bit. It’s too bad the UFC isn’t feeling the same way.

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