UFC Fighters React To Their Bosses Making 4 Billion Dollars Overnight


The sale of the UFC to a new ownership group led by massive talent agency WME | IMG has unsurprisingly rocked the entire sport of MMA and the group most impacted are the fighters. Since taking over the UFC 15 years ago, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have been a regular part of dealing with the UFC, and a major part of every decision that gets made. Now they’re gone.

Respected veteran Joe Lauzon was quick to publicize the mass email sent to all UFC fighters detailing the sale. It’s worth a read for everyone:

Conor McGregor thanked the Fertittas for mentoring him a bit:

Naturally, many wondered aloud and discussed what impact this may have on fighter pay. The discussion of the UFC’s revenue split came up quickly:

Unfortunately, the revenue split is unlikely to change. These billionaires, after all, didn’t buy the UFC with the intention of making it less profitable. Until UFC fighters can organize and begin collectively bargaining, things will stay the same.

While many fighters were talking turkey, some sent generic congratulations to the UFC:

Some of the bad blood the owners have built up over the years bubbled to the surface and some of the fighters associated with the MMA Fighters Association took swipes:

The most important tweet, however, came from Dan Hardy:

As do we all, Dan.

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