UFC Fighters Must Specify Their Location At All Times


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Being a UFC fighter is hard…and it’s about to get a lot harder (or at the very least, a lot more annoying). With the UFC’s PED crackdown starting to come into effect, the promotion is demanding its fighters make their whereabouts known to the promotion at all times. Oh, and if you don’t? There are some absurd consequences. The UFC’s “vice president of athlete health and performance” Jeff Novitzky spelled out the absurd expectations of fighters in an interview on The MMA Hour.

First, fighters must detail their anticipated schedule for each quarter, telling the promotion where they will be living, sleeping, working and training. They must then sign up with a mobile app they download to their smart phone that allows the organization to track their location in order to ensure their availability for out-of-competition random drug testing at all times. Oh, and if there ends up being a problem with that? Well, that’s where things start getting interesting…
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