UFC Fighter Explains The Best Martial Art For Self Defense and It’s Not What You’d Expect


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Ryan Hall is dropping knowledge. He knows a thing or two about getting into fights outside of competition. Hall is a very bright guy, and in this video he talks about which style of martial arts is going to be the most useful in a self-defense scenario.

It’s interesting to hear his take on it, because he’s done a lot to pioneer and teach new styles of traditional martial arts.


The style of martial arts that is most effective will depend on the situation. If you want to take out a dozen bank guards, it’s going to take a different skill set than if you want to defend yourself from a mugger while walking home at night. But what’s best if you’re just looking to defend yourself, 1 on 1?

“Under the right circumstances, anyone can win. Under the wrong circumstances, anyone can lose.” – Ryan Hall

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