UFC Fight Night 148: Anthony Pettis Lands Brutal Knockout On Stephen Thompson (Video)


UFC Fight Night 148  was a showcase of some of the best. Going up from 155 to 170 lbs, Anthony Pettis face off with Stephen Thompson’s who executed some karate moves like no other. “Wonderboy” had his success, connecting kicks that split the nose of his opponent, but at the same time, he was taking some serious kicks to the legs and body and slowly became exposed more and more as the fight went on. Then finally, with his back against the cage, Pettis surprised us with an explosive superman punch that immediately collapsed Thompson at four minutes and 55 seconds in round two.

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Pettis demonstrated why they call him “Showtime” last night at UFC Fight Night 148

Anthony Pettis KOs Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson

Anthony Pettis KOs Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson with Superman punch out of nowhere

So surprising was the takedown by Antony Pettis social media was abuzz

Also worth mention is the bout between, Curtis Blaydes dominated Justin Willis during the three rounds to win by unanimous decision by the judge scoring 30-26 and another 30-25. Even though he is in the top 10 of his division Willis had little and nothing much to offer, standing sometimes and almost totally unable to stop the onslaught of blows by this rival. The power of Blaydes was overwhelming, allowing “Razor” to drag his opponent onto the canvas which allowed him to easily control the fight. It will not be a most entertaining style, but at 28 Blaydes may not have the best style but at 28 is a promising talent with the division.

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