UFC 189 Highlights In Super Slow Motion are a MUST WATCH


UFC 189 was one of the best pay per views they’ve ever put on, starting with Matt Brown in the prelims all the way to the top of the card it was a great show. It’s right up there with UFC 100, which has time and nostalgia on its side.


Watch all of the devastating action in super-slow motion with new angles for the best moments of the night, including:

  • Almeida vs Pickett
  • Stephens vs Bermudez
  • MacDonald vs Lawler
  • Mendes vs McGregor


What’s better than a knockout? A slow-motion knockout. From Mendes’ takedowns and ground and pound, to Almeida’s devastating knees, to Rory and Lawler showing insane amounts of heart, it’s all even better in slo-mo.

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