The Trash Talk Got Really Weird At Bellator’s Press Conference Today


Bellator put on a presser at MSG to promote their upcoming PPV event with the likes of Chael Sonnen, Fedor, Mitrione, Lima, and more. Wanderlei Silva couldn’t make it, because he was training in Brazil. He said that he asked Bellator to skip the pressure and they agreed to let him show up via live stream instead. Sonnen wasn’t impressed at all.

It’s notable that at the end of the full conference (We’ll show you some of the highlights below), there was a question asked about whether or not there would be random drug tests for fighters who were outside of the country (In order words, is Wanderlei training in Brazil and not stepping foot on US soil until closer to the fight in order to avoid being tested?) The question was essentially dodged, when you would expect an answer like “Yes, fighters who choose to train in order countries are still subject to random drug testing.”

But aside from that, this was a bit of a strange presser with Wandy being broadcast on a screen with a bright white background which Sonnen described as the washroom of the men’s shelter where Wandy is staying.

There’s another moment where Sonnen says Silva is about as interesting as talking to his shoe, and proceeds to have a conversation with his shoe, pretending it’s Wanderlei, then he informs the audience that it’s actually just his shoe.

Some people got a little tired of Sonnen’s schtick, but honestly, it’s been long enough that it feels like putting on an old, familiar¬†pair of jeans. This fight might be happening a little later than most people hoped, but the build up and the fight itself are going to be fun, just enjoy it for what it is. Bellator is putting on a bit of a Legend’s League here, and why not? Granted, 50 bucks for the PPV feels steep, but Bellator said earlier in this presser that they don’t plan on doing monthly PPV’s and they definitely aren’t switching to strictly that model, instead they’re going to put on PPV’s when they have their biggest fights lined up, in order to open up a new revenue stream. If this does well, it will help Bellator continue to build their roster and to sign more UFC free agents as they become available.

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