Top 5 Worst Martial Arts


Krav Maga

This martial arts technique taught to the Israeli special forces is basically a glorified way to punch somebody in the dick. What Krav Maga lacks is the sporting element, the competition, so many of it’s practitioners actually walk around thinking that they’re some kind of super-human, groin-grappingly powerful killing machine when in reality… not so much.


Due to the hype, Krav Maga is becoming popular amongst civilians in the West, not just special forces agents in Israel. The good thing about something like Taekwondo and many of the other martial arts on this list is the fact that eventually, their practitioners will have a chance to compete and will see first hand that their weapon of choice is a dud. With Krav Maga, however, many of the students will go years and maybe their entire lives before realizing they’ve wasted their time and money, and they’ll have a false sense of security.


Your instructors will go on about how Krav Maga is meant for a “no rules”, no-holds-barred kind of scenario when it’s life and death. The problem is that until you’re in that situation, you’ll have no practical experience.


In fairness, it’s quite effective against somebody pointing their finger in your direction. 

But how does it fare in a real life situation? The special forces practitioners of Krav Maga basically get their asses kicked until they form a big enough group, circle their enemy, and shoot them. So in that sense, you could say it’s very effective.

Protip: If you’re looking to train martial arts and the school you come across is part of a strip mall, it might be a wise idea to keep looking.


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