Top 5 Worst Martial Arts


Before UFC 1, there weren’t really any opportunities for people to compare the effectiveness of various martial arts against each other. Instructors got away with selling a lot of wolf tickets, but when push came to shove we found out which martial art techniques were the real deal and everyone else was basically butthurt that they were tricked.

Even to this day, there are people wasting their time and money on BS and ineffective martial arts. Like these ones…

Taekwondo (Taekwondon’t.)

At the very top of this list is American Taekwondo because it’s still really popular and almost entirely useless in the real world. Put it up against practically any other discipline (Except some of the others on this list, maybe) and you’re done. Little bits and pieces of TKD can be useful, but only when used in conjunction with a martial art that’s actually effective.

Try to avoid kicking the referee in the face.

Try to avoid kicking the referee in the face.

Parents love signing their kids up for Taekwondo at the local McDojo because there’s almost a zero percent chance of injury because it’s entirely ineffective.


An accurate representation of TKD at any age.

“But… I saw them snapping boards clean in half!” 


Some schools use rebreakable boards. Instead of giving each kid a fresh piece of wood for this pointless and meaningless demonstration, they’re literally having them break apart puzzle pieces, putting the boards back together, then having the next kid break them again. Granted, there are various disciplines of taekwondo and some of them are slightly more useless than the others, but if you’re looking to train in a meaningful way just take a pass altogether. There are enough martial arts that you don’t need to settle for something that’s been proven false by time.


UFC personality Joe Rogan was famously a TKD champion in his younger days, before realizing how despite his high-level skills, he would get absolutely crushed by anybody with even a rudimentary grasp on the absolute basics of wrestling.


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