Top 5 Fighters That Don’t Look Like Fighters


You walk into a room and see a guy like Hector Lombard and you’re like, “Alright, this isn’t a normal human being… this is a machine that’s been designed to fight.” You see Cyborg and you’re like, “This woman could absolutely annihilate at least 98% of the male population.” There are some successful fighters, however, that don’t look the part at all.

Michael Bisping’s Picks

5. Roy Nelson

Michael Bisping says Roy Nelson looks more like a truck driver at a burger stand than a fighter, and Roy would have a good comeback for that except his mouth is full of burger at the moment.

4. Joe Lauzon

Bisping says Lauzon would be a good stand-in for Gollum (Lord of the Rings). None the less, J-Lau is a fan favorite and one of the most entertaining fighters to watch.

3. Rory MacDonald 

He’s tired of being called “The Canadian Psycho” and we’re afraid of what he’ll do if we don’t stop talking about his death stare. You don’t want to see him when he gets angry…

2. T.J. Dillashaw

Bisping says Dillashaw is like a model, and far too good looking to be a fighter. Probabaly infleuenced by the fact that T.J. is sitting right there, and  that he could probably beat Bisping in a fight too.

1. Kenny Florian

Mike’s number 1 pick is Kenny Florian which is also highly influenced by the fact that he’s sitting right next to him.

T.J. Dillashaw’s Picks

5. Cole Miller

“He looks to be like nothing of a fighter.” Similar to what Conor McGregor thought about Miller, too…

4. Rory MacDonald

More serial killer talk, if these guys aren’t careful they’re going to end up like the best friend in an 80’s slasher flick.

3. Stefan Struve

He looks more like a basketball player than a heavyweight fighter.

2. Roy Nelson

Big Country is a lock. He’s our pick for P4P fighter that looks the least like a fighter.

1. Joe Lauzon

“He doesn’t look like he could throw a punch at all.”

Kenny Florian’s List

5. Michael McDonald

“Talk about a baby-faced, young kid… but an absolute killer.”

4. Dominick Cruz

Another fighter that they say doesn’t look like a fighter because he’s too good looking.

3. Johny Hendricks

Between his golf shirt, glasses, and occasional beer gut, he looks more like your cool neighbor than a former UFC champion.

2. Kenny Florian

Kenny put himself on his list. Leaves off Roy Nelson, but puts himself. Interesting choice, Kenflo.

1. Rory MacDonald

Rumor has it Rory keeps a list of everyone who’s ever said he looks like a psycho or a serial killer.

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